Monday, 17 August 2015

State Girls Set 3

The last couple of weeks I have just not had the mojo to want to colour, I just look at an image and nothing comes to mind and to tell the truth it was starting to get on my nerves as I find my colouring and crafting as the best stress relief.

Then I came across the challenge Betty from Simply B Stamps put up with her new state girls and it was just what I needed to get me back into gear, you can check out the challenge here....

So anyway playing it safe with colour choices wasn't going to cut it if I wanted to get the creativity flowing again so I pushed myself to use colours I don't normally use, and yes I know you are thinking how was I going to win the challenge if I did something I wasn't used to but at the end of the day I wasn't particularly worried about the winning and more about getting the mojo back and anyway as a subscriber I get all the images anyway (best thing I ever did was subscribing) and even though it would be amazing to have my work feature in Bettys store we will wait and see....

Onto the images first up Miss Florida

Here I tried a darker skin and hair to normal for me and a nude lip colour. Not sure I like the nude lip and I think the darker skin needs a bit of practice before I am converted but I gave it a shot.

Next up Ohio State Cheerleader

This one isn't quite so far from my normal so I am happy with this one, I just tried a different combo for blue and yellow and tried really hard to get some good shading in the feathers (well I am hoping that is what they are)
Onto Amy Arkansas
Here I tried for an iridescent fabric on her dress and a really pale blonde hair, I am pretty happy with both these so will definitely do them again. The gems I have tried to give them a multi coloured tone with was a task all on its own.
And last but not least Maine Mermaid
Here I have tried for a shimmery tail and a hair colour inspired from here home in the sea, and also I have tried for paler skin. I really love how this image has come up and think she is by far my favourite from this set.
While all my experiment may not a turned out 100% perfect I am really happy I gave it a shot and tried something a little different on all of them..
Anyway thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and get your own state girls set 3.