Monday, 14 December 2015

Art by Mirim DT Call

Oh wow I just found out that Art by Mirim are having a DT Call and I love their images and have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the progressive challenge that they have had running all year.

So as a requirement for this DT Call we need to show some of our work using Art by Mirim images so here are my favorites from the last year.......

We also need to tell everyone a bit about ourselves so here goes..... I am a stay at home mother of 2 daughters aged 2 and 5 with my eldest due to start prep in the new year, ohhh exciting. I live in a tiny country town called Widgee about 2.5 hours north/north west of Brisbane the capital of Queensland Australia. I enjoy spending time with my family and love to colour while the girls are outside playing (I can colour nearly anywhere LOL - most of my colouring is wherever the girls are happy to play or in the car while waiting to pick them up from kindy etc). I am hoping that with the new year I can spend more time on my crafting (now that I am not having to ferry my eldest to kindy 30km away 3 days a week). I love to try new things and will try to give everything a try at least once.

Anyway enough dribble about me LOL the DT Call is much more exciting and interesting.

I wish all the people who choose to enter this call all the best and I am looking forward to seeing all the great makes and inspiration.

Happy crafting and till the new year all the best

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Altered Fudge Box

Ok so I am a bit late with posting this here - oops, I had a busy weekend with my little girls kindy Christmas party and our annual decorate the tree day.

But here it is - the altered fudge box I decorated using the amazing images now available at Angels Hearts and Memories

The box was originally a box of fudge from Aldi and I decided it was exactly the right size to store my gems in so I decorated it up. I also like how the top opens on it so I can tip the gems out if need be to get the right size and shape.

I am hoping to enter this box into the following challenges

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting

Friday, 27 November 2015

Teen Creepmas

Until recently I didn't know about the huge day called Black Friday in the USA being an Aussie but happy shopping and thanksgiving everyone.

This Betty from Simply B Stamps is having a huge sale in her store (you should definitely check it out) and releasing a new collection called Teen Creepmas.

I have coloured up 2 of these amazing images as inspiration for you - first up is Betty and Chris Mistletoe

I have used the following copic to colour
Dark Blue - B39 B34 B32
Yellow/Orange - E35 YR14 YR31 YR20
Black - BV29 BV25 BV23 B34
Red - R37 R32 R00
Teal - BG15 BG13 BG11 G00

To make the card I have cut a frame from a 6x6 print and layered it with some teal patterns and then added some stacked paper flowers.

Also today I have Batty Christmas Jude to show you and he will also be available in the Limited Run Retired Digis section of the Simply B Stamps store.

Blue - B28 B23 B21
Beige - E55 E53 YR20
Skin - E04 E11 E21 E00 E000
Green - G28 YG25 YG03
Black - W7 W5 W3 W1

This time I have matted the image and added it to a piece of tree limb printed paper then added the stripy paper border and a strip of nightmare before Christmas tape. I didn't feel that this image needed too much embellishing as it could stand alone in it own right.

Hope I have inspired you to try some of these images for yourself
Happy Crafting and shopping....

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Nativity Judes

Betty from Simply B Stamps is also releasing an "Out of the Vault" collection called Nativity Judes featuring some amazing Nativity images, and it is great to see some images showing the true spirit of Christmas. You can pick them up here

This time I have done something a bit different and made a decoration with the lovely "Ariel as Mary"

I have coloured her with copics in a monochromatic scheme and made her into a star decoration by doing the following...

1. Cut 2 stars from kraft card
2. Cut a smaller star from 1 of the stars to create the border for the front
3. Stick a piece of clear plastic to the opening in the front star (I used the plastic that clear stamps come on)
4. Stick image onto the back star
5. Stick 3D squares in a border all the way around the back of the front star (make sure it seals completely so glitter doesn't leak out)
6. Pour some glitter into the front and stick the back star to the front making sure it seals completely

Viola one decoration..........

Why not have a go at your own using one of the amazing Nativity Jude images or a whole collection of them
Happy Crafting

Jolly Holly Ginger

So Betty over at Simply B Stamps has a new "Out of the Vault" collection called "Christmas Zombies". You can find them here and I must say I am super happy because that means Christmas is just around the corner woohoo I love Christmas.

Today I have made up Jolly Holly Ginger into a card using a tag design to really show off the image and keep her as the focus.

I have ooloured her up with copic using the following colours

Skin E04 E11 E21 E00 E000
Hair E79 E74 E71
Holly G29 YG25 YG41
Red R37 R32 R00
Yellow E35 YR14 YR31 YR20
Black W7 W5 W3 N3 N1

Hope you like her and why not pop over to Bettys shop and grab her or a few of the new release and don't forget to check out the "Out of the Vault" subscription where you can get all the vault releases (a massive 121 images) for just $75, what a deal.

Happy crafting

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Happy Creepmas - The East Wind Style

So here is my second image from the collaboration challenge between Simply B Stamps and The East Wind.

You can grab the images here!/EVENT-STAMP-find-out-about-it-in-details/p/56410445/category=0

Here is my take on the image from The East Wind

The colours I used were
Skin E04 E11 E21 E00 E000
Red R89 R37 R32 R00
Green G28 G05 G02 G00
Black W7 W5 W3 W1 W0
Brown E55 E53 YR000
Background E000

Why not go and grab the images and have a go at winning one of the prizes at the event here

Happy colourings

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Happy Creepmas Simply B Stamp Style

So Simply B Stamps and The East Wind have joined up together for a collaboration challenge using their 2 new images which you can grab for just $1 at the moment.!/EVENT-STAMP-find-out-about-it-in-details/p/56410445/category=0

Both images are amazing and were super fun to colour up.

First up I have done Bettys gothic elf image

I have used the colours as follows
Skin - E04 E11 E21 E00 E000
Hair - W7 W5 W3 B39
Yellow - E15 Y19 Y15 Y11
Red - R89 R37 R35 R32 R00

Hope you have enjoyed visiting and why not pop over to the special event that has been created for this challenge and

Monday, 2 November 2015

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Peppermint Queen

There is a new release over at Angela store with some gorgeous Christmas images created by Betty and I had the honor of being able to create with a couple of them.

First up we have Peppermint Queen

who I didn't go with the classic red and white peppermint colour scheme on.

Colours Combos are
Skin - EO4 E11 E21 E00 E000 R20
Hair - E49 E25 E21 YR31
Lips - RV13 RV10
Dress - RV25 RV13 RV21 RV10 G05 G02 G00 N1 Colourless Blender
Wand - N3 N1 B60 Y19 Y21 G02 G00 RV13 RV10
Crown - E15 Y19 Y21
Sediment - G00

Thanks for looking and happy crafting

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Skeleton Queen Betty

So I decided to go on a totally different tangent for this take of the Skeleton Queen Betty digi and try something a little unhalloween, oh no I can hear the cries of outrage already.......

I have gone for a more elegant version that could be used for other occasions eg birthday, graduation etc to show you the versatility of Bettys images....

Colour combos
Skin - E04 E11 E21 E00 E000 R20 Eyeshadow BG02
Hair - BV29 BV25 BV23
Dress - BG09 BG07 BG05 BG01 B000 C5 N3 N1
Eyes - BG07 BG01

I hope I have inspired you to try something a little different with your images.

Cheers and Happy Halloween

Friday, 2 October 2015

Eye Candy - Madame Betty

When Betty first released these gorgeous Voodoo Teens I fell in love with them and couldn't wait to get my hands on Madame Betty with her glowing ball to have a go at her but those pesky things called bills got in the way.
At last I have had a chance to create with her and loved it.....

Colour combos
Skin - E04 E11 E21 E00 E000
Hair - E49 E25 E21 YR31
Scarf/Overskirt/Bangle - B39 B34 B32 B000
Dress - V09 V06 V04 V01
Bag - E37 E33 E31
Bat - N3 N1
Ball/Glow RV55 RV52 R00

I have also had a go for the first time with a stencil and ink - I used the Tim Hotlz Shatter stencil and Distress Ink in Hickory Smoke. Loving this stencil it reminds me of spider webs.

Cheers, Thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween

Better late than never - Halloween release at Simply B Stamps

Ok so I know I am over a week late here but in my defense I have been on a travelling holiday with really patchy internet...............

So here they are a couple of the new images that Betty has created for Halloween 2015, you can check them out here

First up I have done Skelton Queen Betty

Colour combos
Skin -  E04 E11 E21 E00 E000 R20
Hair - E49 E47 E43 E41    RV69 RV66 RV63
Eyes - E47 E43
Dress - RV69 RV66 RV63 C5 N3 N1
Mask - E55 E53 E51 E50

Next up I have Little Batty Rio I have done something a little different with this one - I have decided to make it look like you are looking through the window at her since she had that amazing tree to go with her.

Colour combos
Skin - E04 E11 E21 E00 E000 R20 Lips E59 E55
Hair - E29 E15 E08 E13
Dress - E09 E15 E13 E02     E29 E25 E23 E21
Shoes/Lantern - E59 E57 E55
Wings - E55 E02 E51
Sky - B99 B97 B95 B93 BG23
Ground - E49 E47 E74
Moon - E44 E43 Y15 Y11 Y00
Owl - E37 E35 E33 E31 E08
Tree - E79 E77 E74 E71

Hope you like what I have done with these images and don't forget to pop over and pick them up because they are only available for a short time

Cheers and Happy Halloween

Monday, 17 August 2015

State Girls Set 3

The last couple of weeks I have just not had the mojo to want to colour, I just look at an image and nothing comes to mind and to tell the truth it was starting to get on my nerves as I find my colouring and crafting as the best stress relief.

Then I came across the challenge Betty from Simply B Stamps put up with her new state girls and it was just what I needed to get me back into gear, you can check out the challenge here....

So anyway playing it safe with colour choices wasn't going to cut it if I wanted to get the creativity flowing again so I pushed myself to use colours I don't normally use, and yes I know you are thinking how was I going to win the challenge if I did something I wasn't used to but at the end of the day I wasn't particularly worried about the winning and more about getting the mojo back and anyway as a subscriber I get all the images anyway (best thing I ever did was subscribing) and even though it would be amazing to have my work feature in Bettys store we will wait and see....

Onto the images first up Miss Florida

Here I tried a darker skin and hair to normal for me and a nude lip colour. Not sure I like the nude lip and I think the darker skin needs a bit of practice before I am converted but I gave it a shot.

Next up Ohio State Cheerleader

This one isn't quite so far from my normal so I am happy with this one, I just tried a different combo for blue and yellow and tried really hard to get some good shading in the feathers (well I am hoping that is what they are)
Onto Amy Arkansas
Here I tried for an iridescent fabric on her dress and a really pale blonde hair, I am pretty happy with both these so will definitely do them again. The gems I have tried to give them a multi coloured tone with was a task all on its own.
And last but not least Maine Mermaid
Here I have tried for a shimmery tail and a hair colour inspired from here home in the sea, and also I have tried for paler skin. I really love how this image has come up and think she is by far my favourite from this set.
While all my experiment may not a turned out 100% perfect I am really happy I gave it a shot and tried something a little different on all of them..
Anyway thanks for looking and don't forget to pop over and get your own state girls set 3.

Friday, 22 May 2015


Wow what a busy couple of weeks I have had. I had every intention of getting this sweetie onto a card, even got so far as choosing the papers to go with her but have just run out of time yet again.

So here she is anyway coloured up anyway (so glad Lacy Sunshine does coloured images now or i would only get an entry in once in a while).

Why not pop over and enter your own entry into the latest challenge - Monochrome here
and hopefully next challenge i might get my project finished haha but hey a girl can hope cant she.....

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Recently I signed up for the Create and Learn classes at Kit and Clowder and i have been having fun with the techniques in the marker lesson (there is 2 options markers or pencil). Check it out here

Here is take 1 which is the image from the class but i have also done a take 2 with a different image.....

 This time i have used a Make it Crafty image and I am hoping to enter it into the CAS challenge here

I am really loving how the background has come out the second time around and I think I will definately be doing many more with this technique......

Till next time...............

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Still no laptop but I am struggling on with the old dinosaur and with a bit of luck and perseverance i have managed to get this little beauty made for the latest Lacy Sunshine challenge, check it out here

Since the challenge was Topsy Turvy Mismatch I went with Sugi Toy Solider which is meant to be a christmas image and turned her into a Mothers Day card since it is Mothers Day this Sunday... I wasn't real sure how this was going to work but i am really happy with the results.

Anyway till next challenge.........................................

Friday, 24 April 2015

Lacy Sunshine Challenge #56

Unfortunately this week my laptop decided to die and take with it a heap of my data but i have still managed to colour up this little beauty for the current challenge over at Lacy Sunshines Challenge Blog
and I have chosen to go with a vintage theme

Unfortunately I have had to mark it with a pencil since one of the items saved on the laptop was my watermark.
I have coloured her with copics and cut her as such because of a blobbing accident on one edge of her skirt right at the very end of colouring, always the way isn't it???

Anyway i think i have managed to save her and as soon as i can get things back on an even keel here at home she will be going on a card.

Thanks for the visit....

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Steampunk Cutie Storage

A few years ago I picked up a drawer unit from Kaisercraft but never got a chance to get it made and decorated  but when I saw the new Steampunk Cuties from Simply B Stamps I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them so after a lot of hardwork and patience here it is........

I have coloured all 4 of the new Steampunk Cuties and used them to decorate the sides of this unit.....

And here is a close up of all the images......

And lastly the rest of the decorations.......

Hope you liked it till next time........

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lacy Sunshine Coloured Image

I am loving the fact that I can now enter just coloured images over at the Lacy Sunshine Challenge Blog and here is my entry for the latest challenge.

This challenge the theme is Butterfly Kisses and Spring Time Wishes.

I really like this little lady she always make me smile and reminds me of a little country garden girl which screams spring to me.

Why not pop over and check out the other entries and thanks for visiting

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Commision G

Betty over at Simply Betty Stamps has opened up some spots for her commission H and given people a chance to win themselves as a digi. How cool is that............... The catch you have to use one of the images from her commission G set in a project..

I have chosen "Melanie Book Nook" as my digi of choice

I have coloured her with copics and imagined she was sitting there on a sunny winters morning because hey that is exactly what I would love to do on a sunny winters morning.

I have then made her into a small gift bag (just the right size for a small book) with some paper and a pretty border.....

Really enjoyed something a little different this time and cant wait to see what the commission H images look like, no doubt brilliant like everything else Betty does, but in the meantime why don't you pop over to the SBS blog or store and check out commission G for yourself.....

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goblin Queen

The girls over at the As You  Like It  Challenge page
have asked the question "FAVOURITE TECHNIQUE LINES OR NO LINES (& WHY)" and I would have to say lines. No lines scares me a little I must say but it is on my list of things to try. I also find that with some images lines just adds more impact to the image, like with this image "Goblin Queen" by Simply Betty Stamps....

I really don't think she would have the same impact with the no lines technique.

I have made her into a tag and I am really happy with how she has turned out.

For now I think I will be staying with the lines but who knows what the future will hold, maybe I will get the courage to give no lines a go.

Thanks for the visit......

Going Green Coloured Image

Over at the Lacy Sunshine Challenge Blog
you can also enter just a coloured image, though entries are limited to one per person, and I thought that would be perfect for this image.......

I am not sure what I am going to make with her yet but I enjoyed the colouring anyway so that is all that mattered, when I do make her up I will have to come back and update everyone with the finished product..

In the meantime why not colour up your own image to enter....

Thanks for stopping by...................

Challenge Time

So I was roaming around the other day and came across a challenge at Come and Get it Challenge that would suit the image I had just finished colouring and thought why not give it a go.....

I am really happy with how this guys wings came out, this is one area where I have a lot of trouble. I have then made him into a simply card because I don't think he really needs too much embellishing....

but that being said I am still tossing up whether to add a few simply pink flowers in the bottom right corner hmmmm decisions decisions. Well for now I think I will leave it be I guess I can always come back and change it if I want later.

I am also entering this little guy into the challenge at Give a crafter a Cookie I have decided to use the colours from the cookies and bowl for inspiration rather than the pictures on the cookies - blue green yellow pink and purple.

Thanks for popping by and have a great day.............