Saturday, 6 July 2019

I belive in Unicorns

I believe in Unicorns..... Don't you?

Who wouldn't believe if they were all as cute as this little guy from Glimps Stamps. Can I take him home as a pet? Well to me the next best thing is to carry him everyday with me in my planner so to remind me to have some fun and smile...

And here it is on my insert dashoard. I am loving how my planner is giving me a creative outlet that also has a practical and productive use as well. Though it is very easy to sit and create with all the lovely images and stickers and not get anything else done. Oops.... but who could resist with this colourful little guy.

Be sure to pop over to the Glimps store here and check out him and all his buddies in the fantasy section and in the meantime I will go and check what chores are next on the to do list.
Oooh stickers.......
Only kidding....

Happy crafting Kate

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