Sunday, 22 November 2015

Nativity Judes

Betty from Simply B Stamps is also releasing an "Out of the Vault" collection called Nativity Judes featuring some amazing Nativity images, and it is great to see some images showing the true spirit of Christmas. You can pick them up here

This time I have done something a bit different and made a decoration with the lovely "Ariel as Mary"

I have coloured her with copics in a monochromatic scheme and made her into a star decoration by doing the following...

1. Cut 2 stars from kraft card
2. Cut a smaller star from 1 of the stars to create the border for the front
3. Stick a piece of clear plastic to the opening in the front star (I used the plastic that clear stamps come on)
4. Stick image onto the back star
5. Stick 3D squares in a border all the way around the back of the front star (make sure it seals completely so glitter doesn't leak out)
6. Pour some glitter into the front and stick the back star to the front making sure it seals completely

Viola one decoration..........

Why not have a go at your own using one of the amazing Nativity Jude images or a whole collection of them
Happy Crafting

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